$9,000 Raised

The Quigley Family Frontier Town Heritage Foundation

Announcing the launch of "The Quigley Family Frontier Town Heritage Foundation," a Montana charitable non-profit public benefit corporation organized for charitable and educational purposes, including the preservation and promotion of the history of John R. Quigley's Frontier Town.

As many of you know, I am the granddaughter of John R. Quigley, the visionary and creator of Frontier Town. My mom is the one and only Kitty Ann Quigley Taaler, and I was lucky enough to get to grow up at Frontier town in the early 80s. It is my biggest dream and life's calling to see Frontier Town open to the public and restored to its rightful place in Montana tourism. I wish to continue my grandfather's dream and life's work of sharing our pioneer history, offering western hospitality, and creating a one-of-a-kind experience. I have big goals, and I hope to make my family and community once again proud of Frontier Town, if the opportunity allows.

We know it will take much more than owning the property for Frontier Town to be restored and revitalized back to her old glory. We are not naïve to the fact that it is truly going to take millions of dollars to get Frontier Town back to where we can have the public up there again. And that is why we need your help. Today we embark on a mission to raise funds to support acquiring the property, as well as the preservation, restorations and updates that will need to be made, if the property can be acquired. I know generous Montanans and the wonderful people of Helena, and our surrounding communities will come together to help raise the money that will hopefully enable us to restore Frontier Town to public use.

This is a call to action and invitation to please help us rally for the reclamation and revival of Frontier Town. We absolutely intend on honoring and memorializing the fact that it will only be because of you all that we will hopefully be able to celebrate and enjoy Frontier Town once again. Frontier Town was a very special place to so many people, and I want nothing more than to get to restore those "go ahead and smell the bacon" memories and to remind you all why you shouldn't throw rocks at our ducks again. We are reaching out to anyone who has ever said they wish they could bring their family or friends to Frontier Town.

We envision the Foundation playing a part in acquisition the Frontier Town artifacts and property as well as long-term work of preservation and restoration. However, if the property can not be acquired and is sold to a third party, the funds donated to the Foundation will be used for other charitable purposes related to preserving the history of John Quigley's Frontier Town, Montana History, and history of the American West for public benefit.




Visit our friends at Valley Bank to make a deposit in the Quigley Family Frontier Town Heritage Foundation account.


You can give by sending your tax-deductible donations to:
The Quigley Family Frontier Town Heritage Foundation
PO BOX 313
Clancy, MT 59634